What are the fees?

The Commonwealth Department of Social Services determines fees. The amount to be paid for your daily fee will depend upon your financial situation. You or your family will be asked to complete a PERMANENT COMBINED ASSETS and INCOME ASSESSMENT prior to or on admission, which will be used to determine the daily fee charged. This form is sent to Centrelink or DVA for determination on your financial status. You can access information on this from www.myagedcare.gov.au

To download more information regarding our fees and pricing, please click here.

What do my fees cover?

The fees you pay contribute to the care costs within the facility; meals including specialised feeding therapies; and personal laundry (excluding dry cleaning). Residents receive physiotherapy, podiatry and continence aids and some wound care as part of their fees and funding.

What are the additional costs?


The chemist will send you a monthly account for items purchased for the previous month. Respite residents are required to provide their own medications.


A hairdresser visits on a regular basis. You may choose to pay her directly or leave funds with management or RAO staff to pay her on your behalf. We have The chemist will send you a monthly account for items purchased for the previous month. Respite residents are required to provide their own medications.

a hair salon located near the foyer of the facility. You are welcome to see your own hairdresser who you will need to pay directly. Private arrangements are also supported so you can continue to have your own hairdresser visit and use the salon. The Recreational Activities Officers will consult with you when the hairdresser is to visit and place your name on the request list.


This may be for items such as spectacles or dentures. The costs incurred are payable directly to the service provider.


If a family member is unable to accompany a resident to any external appointments a staff member will assist, however the cost of transport and the staff member will be charged to the resident. The use of staff for escort will only be in circumstances where the family cannot make an appointment to suit their timetable or if there is no family.


The cost of resident’s clothing is the responsibility of the resident and their family. The facility provides a laundry service at no additional charge. However the cost for clothing which requires specialised cleaning (e.g. dry cleaning) is the responsibility of the resident and family are requested to attend to special washing.

The main laundry operates every day and most clothing is returned within 24 hours. This is reduced on Sundays where personal clothing may take an additional day to be completed.

Roveen Station has a small launderette for resident or their families who can manage their own washing. Please use this equipment when you have a full load of washing and not just a few items. Washing powder with a sanitiser incorporated is available for use.


This is at the cost of the resident and also includes minimal costs for outings and bus trips – these costs are well below normal community costs. Bus fees for outings are met by the facility.


On occasion a resident requires a mobile X-ray. The cost of the x-ray is met by Medicare, however the GST component is charged to the resident. This cost is $30.00 but may vary on notice from the service.


It is the responsibility of the resident (representative) to manage any electrical equipment brought in for personal use – this includes safety, safe usage and proper disposal.


The facility covers these costs. Low care residents may pay $30.00 per service unless DVA is available.

Can I use alternative medical treatments?

Yes – if that is your choice or your usual means of seeking extra assistance with your health program.

The facility also offers aromatherapy as part of its care practices.

What if I need a specialist – dentist etc?

All medical specialists may be consulted in their rooms by referral from your doctor. Alternatively, a variety of specialists’ services are available through the Outpatients Department of our local hospitals. Relatives are requested to accompany you to all outside appointments if possible. Please see the Deputy Director of Nursing if there is a difficulty in doing so (see escort entry). We are fortunate that some of our local specialists may visit the facility.

Physiotherapy assessments and reviews are provided to all residents. Families may wish to have a preferred physiotherapist visit and in this case need to make individual arrangements. Please discuss this with the Deputy Director of Nursing. Our regular physiotherapist visits on varying days and undertakes assessments and reviews linked to mobility and safety. Carers attend simple exercise through activities of daily living and physiotherapy recommendations.

Podiatry is available on site each month with a calendar of visits provided each year. All high care residents requiring podiatry have their treatments paid for by the facility. Residents will be seen on a two monthly basis unless their condition warrants increased care. Existing low care residents pay for the service at a cost of $30.00 per visit. DVA may cover some costs.

Optometry visits are scheduled 3-4 times per year. Examinations are charged to Medicare but spectacles are at the cost to the resident.

Dental services are available through a range of providers. Westmead Dental Hospital provides checkups for all residents if they wish and provide follow-up treatment if this is required. Please be aware that there may be delays associated with the dental hospital due to their financial constraints. Alternatively dental services can also be accessed privately at cost to resident. A dental prosthetist is available for denture repairs. We also access local dentists in Lidcombe.

Hearing Services such as Hearing Australia will visit their own clients as needed. A hearing clinic will be offered (Bi)annually through HealthStrong if there is a demand.

The dietitian reviews all enterally fed (tube feeding) residents at least annually. Our food supplier, Master Catering Services, have a menu that is dietitian reviewed.

What are visiting hours?

Visiting hours are open, however consideration must be given to other residents. Family and friends are encouraged to participate in the ongoing care of the resident and are welcome to join in activities, outings and other social events. You are welcome to sit in the communal areas with your family.

Visitors are required to use the designated smoking area and not smoke on the front ramp of the facility or within the building.

The front door will be locked when it is dark or when deemed necessary – please just ring the doorbell for staff to open. Please be aware that visitors must use the button to exit the building and should be alert to residents in the vicinity who may have safety needs.

Can I visit my relatives or friends at their home?

You may go out whenever you wish – health and safety permitting. Nursing staff will discuss issues regarding safety with residents who wish to leave the facility unaccompanied. It may be appropriate on these occasions that friends or relatives accompany you.

We ask you to inform the Registered Nurse whenever going out.
For safety / security reasons you will need to write your name in a special book before going out and again on your return – the book is kept at the front office or RN station.

Family and friends will also need to sign this book and identify themselves to staff before a resident can leave.

Can I stay out overnight?

The Department of Social Services allows each permanent resident 52 days overnight leave for social leave per financial year. Leave may be taken for a longer period, however the full fee structure without Commonwealth subsidy would be payable by the resident. This fee varies in amount and is dependent upon the level of care required by the resident. Please see the Director of Nursing for further clarification.

Residents admitted for respite care are NOT entitled to social or hospital leave under the Aged Care Act.

Should my relatives contact the facility when they go on holidays?

Yes, your relatives should leave a contact number and address with the facility in case of an emergency. It is also recommended that if family are going overseas they have made provision for financial needs and funeral arrangements for a resident.

Are children welcome?

The Canberra and Roveen Station is the home of all the residents. Their safety and privacy must be respected. Children are welcome, but must be directly supervised by an adult at all times. Failure to do this may have staff ask family members to leave. This policy extends to all areas of the facility including the outside areas. We do have visits from community groups at times which include children. In the event of an outbreak children may be excluded from visiting for their own health.

Is there an activity programme?

Our Recreational Activities Officers (RAO) run an activity program every day except Sunday when options are left for staff to access.

Some examples of the activities are: picnic and bus outings, craft, bingo, cookery, exercise and discussion groups, movies, sing-alongs, visiting artists, pet therapy, aromatherapy, music and massage, cultural awareness days, and celebration of special events.

Special information sessions are also offered on a regular basis and residents and families are welcome to attend any education on offer in the facility.

Regular resident meetings are held to discuss any problems you may be encountering as a group or any changes you want made e.g. menu. Relatives are welcome to attend on behalf of their family member. The Director of Nursing will see you on a regular basis and encourages you to bring any problems that you may need assistance with directly to their attention.

What other services are offered?


A coin operated telephone is available for residents, staff and visitors use. The telephone is situated at the rear of the lounge room. The phone number is 9749 1092. Families and friends are encouraged to call residents on this number as this area is quiet and maintains access for staff to use the facility phones.

Residents may also wish to use their own mobile phone. This remains the responsibility of the resident and their family.

Phones may be connected into the rooms in Roveen Station. Telstra will charge a connection fee and the phone account will be the responsibility of the resident or their family.


Your mail can be redirected to the facility and is delivered daily Monday to Friday. Any mail you wish to be posted on your behalf can be left at the front office or with RAO staff. The cost of postage is the resident’s responsibility. If you would like assistance with reading or writing of letters please ask RAO staff.


A Catholic acolyte or priest visits the facility every second and fourth Friday of the month for a service and communion. A Presbyterian minister attends every second Monday. An Anglican Minister can be contacted to attend to your spiritual needs. The Ukrainian Catholic Church provides regular masses, usually the second Wednesday of each month and the nuns and priest visit regularly. Other personal religious visitors are welcome to attend. Special religious celebrations are held within the facility. If anyone wishes to access his or her own church please see the Director of Nursing or RAO staff to see what arrangements can be made.


An interpreter service is available if required and will be used in legal issues. All efforts will be made to assist with any special needs. Linguistic aids are available and placed on your file to assist with any communication needs.

Staff receive education in cross-cultural care. Community services are accessed and we maintain close links with the Ukrainian and Chinese community. Many staff also have multilingual skills which is very helpful to both you and the staff.


A mobile voting service visits the facility at election time for Federal and State elections. You may wish to use this service or one of the local polling stations in the area. If you wish to continue voting please see staff so voting details can be changed.

Please advise if you no longer wish to vote and this will be recorded on your care plan. We can also assist families in the removal of names from the electoral roll by providing letters.


The Librarian from the local library visits regularly and will leave a range of books and tapes to suit you personally. Please leave a message with the RAO if you would like this service. Books are always available from the bookshelf in the lounge rooms. We can also access talking books through Vision Australia for residents with vision impairment.


Arrangements can be made with the local newsagent to deliver newspapers and magazines on request. This will be billed to the resident and is the responsibility of the family to make payment arrangements.


Banking staff will not visit the facility. If you cannot get to the bank yourself please get your relatives to assist you with your banking needs. For your convenience small sums of money can be held in trust. The credited amount will be shown on your funds record and can be called on in part or full at your request. Please note that monies held in credit do NOT attract interest.


Various notice boards in the facility offer you a range of information, which you are welcome to read.

A monthly newsletter is also supplied to all residents and spare copies are kept at reception.

Relatives also receive a monthly newsletter attached to the monthly accounts.

What do I need to bring in?
What can I bring in with me?

Please note that options may vary between the Canberra and Roveen Station due to space and resident needs. If in doubt please ask staff.

If it is possible, store alternate season’s clothing with relatives or friends and bring only clothing that is suitable to the season appropriate to your arrival. Remember all items of clothing should be kept clearly marked with your name and in good repair. Sew on labels with printed or stitched naming is the preferred option for the labeling of clothing to minimize loss of property and to maintain the dignity of the wearer. Our staff will assist with all your clothing inquiries and can assist you with the labeling. A small cost may be involved to cover costs of equipment used for labeling. If using the facility laundry service you will need to have at least one-week supply of clothing.

Pension and Medicare cards will be needed for doctor’s visits and outside medical appointments. These are kept in the nurses’ station.

Items of value or large amounts of money are best left with the family or deposited in a bank for safety. The facility does not take responsibility for funds kept by the resident in their own keeping. A small amount of comfort money may be left with the Director of Nursing. The funds are noted in a special book, which can be viewed on request. Any services paid for out of your fund at your request are issued with a receipt. Your locker can be secured on your request.

You may wish to bring small items of favourite furniture (space permitting), radio (with earplugs), treasured articles and favourite photographs or a favourite picture to hang on the wall. Before items are brought to the facility please see the Director of Nursing. Any items of cultural significance are welcome. Respite residents in Roveen Station cannot hang items on their walls but may place photos etc. on the cabinetry in their rooms.

Any medications and scripts you have at home should be brought in for your use and to minimise the cost to you. If you have any specialised dressing equipment please also bring this in.

A checklist has been devised to help you identify items required on admission.

What meals will be served?

A well-balanced and varied diet is provided. A four weekly rotating menu is provided allowing for seasonal variation. A daily menu board is displayed in the dining / lounge area. The menu undergoes evaluation by a licensed dietitian. Residents are consulted on the menu throughout the year and staff and you are consulted daily on your preferences for that day’s meals. Meals are provided though external catering services and specialised heating is undertaken at the facility.

Please feel free to comment and make suggestions regarding your meals. All special diets are catered for including enteral feeding, as are individual likes and dislikes. A menu is also in place for residents who require a soft or puree diet. Vegetarian options are available. The menu is designed to cater for specific health conditions e.g. diabetes. High protein drinks are available. Families who wish to bring in cooked food from home should refer to nursing management or kitchen staff for the preferred method of food storage and delivery – a policy and procedure is available on this.

Lunchtime is the main meal of the facility day. Any resident who does not wish to eat the full main meal is encouraged to eat the vegetables and kitchen staff can provide cold meats / cheese as an alternative for residents who do not like a certain meal. Sandwiches etc. are not available at this time. Residents who wish to have a “cuppa” with their lunch are encouraged to attend the dining room as cold drinks only are served at lunchtime through tray service.

Residents in Roveen Station are encouraged to have their meals in their dining room on the first floor. Relatives are welcome to assist if resident needs assistance at meal times, however we ask that you first consult with the Registered Nurse.

Extra food and fluid is always available. Any foodstuffs left in rooms should be in sealed containers. We also do special treat days and celebrations. We have a fortnightly BBQ. Additional fluids and ice creams rounds are undertaken in hot weather. Meals for families are not routinely available due to the processes attached to ordering of food through MCS. However families are welcome to have a tea / coffee and biscuits when the tea trolley is delivering.

Will I be shown all the amenities and meet other residents?

Yes – you will be shown all areas of the facility on your arrival and be introduced to your fellow residents and staff by a member of the staff. The activity programme makes use of communal areas across both The Canberra and Roveen Station.